Affiliates + Artisans

Seth Tobin Jewellers maintains strong relationships with many renowned jewellery suppliers and artisans. This allows us to continually offer a fantastic range of materials and products for your consideration.

Sirius Star

We're very pleased to be the exclusive Embee - Sirius Star Diamond dealer for Prince George. Sirius Star Diamonds are located in the heart of Canada's vast, mineral-rich landmass and are reshaping the ancient tradition of diamond cutting and polishing by offering a range of unique, custom-designed shapes. Using only the highest quality Canadian, conflict-free diamonds, every piece comes with a guarantee of the highest technical, artistic and ethical standards in diamond design. Sirius Star Diamonds shine with radical departures from traditional diamond shapes, offering signature premium-cut, uniquely designed round shapes - designed for optimal light performance.

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Alfex logo

The foundation for the success story of the Swiss traditional watch-making brand Alfex was laid in 1948. Today, the company headquartered in Lugano, Switzerland, is an independent global brand that captivates customers in more than 50 countries.

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ArtCarved logo

A Distinctive Heritage of Innovation Since 1850. Over a century ago the skilled ArtCarved artisans created the first seamless wedding rings - allowing for greater comfort of fit.

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Belle Brooke

The unusual and mesmerizing jewelry created by Belle Brooke Barer, principal designer and visionary of Belle Brooke Designs, acquires its azygous character through the process of hand fabrication.

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Manufacturer of fine jewellery since 1927. This collection is mixed colors of Precious links metals, including gold, silver, white gold, platinum, and especially the inclusion of rose gold.

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Know how, research of style and new materials, control of each production area create a very special product, unique in its design and quality that distinguish Comete in the outline of the goldsmith's industry.

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Ed Levin Jewelry

Since 1950, Ed Levin Jewelry has been handcrafting the finest designer jewelry. Working with gold, sterling silver and platinum, our skilled craftspeople design eye-catching pieces of flawless beauty.

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Established as one of the leading watchmakers in the world with a proven reputation for creating elegant timepieces.The watches combine a strong American spirit with the precision of the latest swiss technology.

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Heather B Moore

Heather B. Moore Jewelry is the finest, the best, and the original fully personalized charm collection. This collection started in 2003 and is based on the idea that everyone has something in his or her life to celebrate. Document milestones, inspirations, as well as cherished people, places, or things. These are timeless pieces that commemorate you and everything important in your life. Truly original, truly amazing.

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Kelim Jewelry Design

Designer, Meral Sartekin was born in 1960 in Akhisar, a rural village in Turkey. In 1992 she founded Kelim, a boutique specializing in handmade goods from her native Turkey. She began designing jewelry inspired by the beautiful patterns in the traditional Turkish carpets and the natural beauty of her adopted country, Switzerland.

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Kit Heath

A Childrens Jewellery collection by designer Kit Heath - inspired by pony club and classic diamonds. The collection includes christening jewellery, bridesmaid & flower girl jewellery, silver lockets, bracelets, earrings, as well as a colourful collection of silver charm beads and birthstones for creating their own individual bracelet or necklace.

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Margo Morrison

Combining semi-precious stones and pearls with Swarovski crystal, she finishes each piece with toggles that are cast from grass, twigs and berries. The result is a refined, sophisticated look.

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Toby Pomeroy

Toby took a jewelry making elective as a 4th year premedical student at the University of Oregon and a fire was ignited; he promptly shifted course and became a jewelry designer.

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